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Breakthrough Foot & Ankle Legal Consulting

"Dr. Williams is awesome. He helped with a client that needed help with a SERIOUS foot injury. She suffered a fractured calcaneus that required surgery with hardware. She suffered a double fracture of the subtalar bone which has resulted in arthritis. She will require at least a fusion of the ankle in the future, and maybe an ankle replacement. She loved to snow ski and could NOT until Dr. Williams helped. Also, because of Dr. Williams' help our law firm was able to get her a huge settlement in her lawsuit. THANK YOU Dr. Williams-you are a patient advocate like no other." From: Peter Wachowski Wachowski Peter C-Bellas & Wachowski


Dr Williams is board certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery, and has been in practice for 31 years providing state of the art Foot and Ankle surgical and conservative care. He provides regular care for professional and high level collegiate athletes both individually and at the team level.


Dr Williams has 23+ years of experience providing gait and video analysis for patient's suffering from foot, ankle, knee, hip and low back pain issues that are primarily caused by and exacerbated by poor foot function. This experience has benefitted many of Dr Williams legal personal injury clients, helping to secure a $6 million dollar settlement in one case, and significant increases in settlements for all of the other cases he has consulted on.


Dr Williams and Breakthrough Sports Performance provide legal consultation, expert witness, IME and Gait analysis for personal injury, worker’s compensation, and malpractice cases. Providing thorough physical examination and gait analysis reporting for legal clients who have suffered from lower extremity traumatic events. Reporting outcomes backed with significant EBM data that shows how lower extremity traumatic events lead to long term loss of quality of life in clients and will often lead to the need for surgery at the knees, hips and low back.​


Gait Analysis for personal injury and / or malpractice cases​


In-shoe and walk over Pressure Mapping Analysis, along with Video Analysis for Personal Injury or Malpractice cases of the foot/ankle/lower extremity and low back injury​


Personal injury foot/ankle/lower extremity and low back claims, including slip and fall injury, motor vehicle injury, any injury that has affected a plaintiff’s ability to walk, run or perform their usual day to day work or activities


Product liability foot/ankle/lower extremity injury claims​​


Malpractice Cases, Podiatry or Orthopedic Surgeon Foot or Ankle Case Review or Peer Review ​


IME / Case review of possible podiatrist malpractice, orthopedic surgeon malpractice or nurse malpractice or treatment peer review ​

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