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Foot Pain Expert Witness


Dr Bruce Williams has over 31 years of clinical experience and is board certified in foot surgery. He is a specialist in sports medicine for high-level athletes and an expert in gait studies for any injury that affects a person's ability to walk, stand, or perform their usual day-to-day work or activities.

31 years of clinical experience and surgical board certification. Part-time clinical practice specializing in sports medicine, lower extremity biomechanics and working with high-level athletes. Specialist in post-traumatic gait analysis, including slip and fall injury, motor vehicle injury, and any injury that has affected a plaintiff’s ability to walk, run, or perform their usual day to day work or activities. Expert and thought leader with extensive teaching experience in the use and interpretation of pressure mapping for analysis of both walking and running gait. Has presented on-site training, keynotes, webinars, and conference presentations nationally and internationally in North America, England and Australia. Multiple published chapters, posters, journal and trade articles. Remains clinically active part-time treating high level and professional athletes. Experienced expert witness.

Case Review and IME for Personal Injury,Medical Malpractice and Worker's Compensation, Foot and Ankle Surgery, Gait Studies, Gait Analysis, Gait Dysfunction, Balance Study, Gait Walking Study, Walking, Running or Standing Pain, Injury or  Fracture of the Foot, Ankle, Knee, Hip, Lower Limb or Spine, Fracture of the Tibia, Fibula, Humerus, Pelvis, Low Back or Spine, Foot or Ankle Arthritis, Lisfranc Fracture Dislocation, Talus or  Calcaneus Fracture, Degloving Injuries, Amputation of the Toes or Foot, Future Medical Needs and Life Care Plan, Product liability Claims, Foot, Ankle, or Lower Extremity Injury Claims​​, Podiatry or Orthopedic Surgery Foot and Ankle Case Review, Independent Medical Examination and File and Peer Review ​

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Do you need our help with a foot pain or lower extremity personal injury, medical malpractice or independent medical review?

Please contact Dr Williams for a brief phone consultation and copy of his Curriculum Vitae.

Elmwood Park, Illinois                                              219-510-3847

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