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Orthotic Fabrication Services 


In my experience, there are many clinicians who treat foot and ankle issues who are not confident in their personal ability to prescribe custom prescriptive foot orthotics.

I want to assist those specific clinicians to achieve superior outcomes for their patients in alleviating all types of foot pain that is very easily assisted by the use of custom prescriptive foot orthotics.


Breakthrough Performance Orthotics will provide superior orthotics via the use of 3D printing. We provide superior sports performance and traditional prescriptive foot orthotics with the offer of different stiffness zones, accommodations and postings for certain foot and ankle conditions.

Patient Evaluation- Medical professional evaluates the foot and ankle complex and uploads that data to cloud. After data is processed, those details are integrated into the making of the orthotics.


3D Foot Scan- Clinician uses smart device to scan the patient's feet properly in ultra-high precision. 

Prescription Creation- Medical professionals can send their patient prescriptions for orthotic fabrication or use our prescription utility based on the Mercury XML Pro algorithm. 

Orthotic Fabrication- Breakthrough Sports Performance creates orthotics using 3D printing and data from clinical examination and often pressure mapping. 

Two optional features exist when ordering fabricated devices. They are:

Pressure Mapping- Additional pressure mapping data can be integrated to the data sets for even better patient outcomes if needed.


Patient Follow-up and adherence- After the patient receives orthotics, optional follow-up tracking is available for those providers who are interested in added value services.

If you want the most thorough foot, ankle and lower extremity evaluation on the market, then you want to utilize the Mercury XML exam. Whether choosing the XML Silver, XML Gold or XML Platinum level, Dr Williams can and will provide access to the most thorough foot exam available for anyone who wants to understand foot structure and function to benefit athletes with their performance and sports medical issues.

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