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About Dr. Bruce Williams

“I have provided podiatric consultation for many professional and Division I athletes and teams. Athletes are evaluated from head to toe to clearly identify any biomechanical problems that may be a result of foot problems, or are worsened by improper function elsewhere in the body.” — Dr. Bruce Williams


Dr. Williams is at the forefront of biomechanical evaluation and treatment of foot, ankle and lower extremity conditions. Powered by a progressive understanding of foot-related sports injuries (and as an avid marathon runner) he uses cutting-edge technology to combat foot, lower extremity, knee, hip and back pain conditions.


Dr. Williams harnesses the power of cutting-edge medical technologies, such as pressure mapping, to identify and treat high-pressure areas in the feet. Many patients seek Dr. Williams because he uses digital video and kinematic shoe analysis to identify and treat poor body alignment and function. He also uses digital foot scanning to specially design and provide hyper-custimazation of foot orthotics for shoes, providing a tremendous “leap forward” in the fight against lower extremity pain.

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