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Consulting, Product Testing, and Educational Workshops

Dr. Williams expertise can be utilized in three forms specifically: educational workshops; product development; and biomechanical testing. Breakthrough Sports Performance proudly boasts over two decades of experience in the evaluation of athletic shoe design, sports medical devices, and cutting edge performance technologies.


Dr. Williams is an internationally known speaker and has lectured on such topics as foot and shoe evaluation, sports injuries, and orthotic design.


Speaking Engagements- Dr. Williams is available for lecturing on topics ranging from clinical podiatric medicine to contemporary sports medicine and biomechanics.


Private Workshops- Those that want tailored education in small groups can book Dr. Williams for 1-3 day workshops on sports medicine specific topics including lower extremity injury prevention, foot and shoe evaluation, and more.


Product Development- Breakthrough Sports Performance can help guide sports performance and sports medicine devices with a rich background in design and validation.

Product Testing- Dr. Williams can provide a rapid evaluation and testing of an array of equipment and devices for both safety and user satisfaction.


Individual Athlete and Team Consulting- Dr. Williams has helped various professional teams and athletes achieve better outcomes using data collection and injury analysis. For inquiries regarding sports medical needs of the lower extremity Dr. Williams is available for short briefings to full team support.

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