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Sports Medicine and Performance


The impact of foot strike is highly related to maximal performance and risk of injury. Breakthrough Sports Performance, headed by Dr. Bruce Williams, is a world-class resource for elite athletes and the general population. At Breakthrough Sports Performance we serve each individual by listening carefully, and thoroughly investigating every possible variable that can hold an athlete back from being their best.


Dr. Bruce Williams has over two decades of experience treating lower extremity injuries, and is an expert in the relationship between foot and lower extremity mechanics and the spine. Breakthrough Sports Performance's philosophy is a winning combination of research, applied science, and clinical experience. When winning and getting back on the field matters, Breakthrough Sports Performance is the best choice an athlete or team can make.

Assessment Education 
Gait and Sports Movement Analysis
Telemedicine and Monitoring 
About Breakthrough Sports Performance

Breakthrough Sports Performance was founded on the vision of improving athletic performance by utilizing a combination of  evidence based medicine with quantified clinical experience. Breakthrough Sports Performance promises an athlete-centered and transparent methodology for all patients, from world class athletes to serious non-professional competitors. 

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